About Intetra 800 African Languages Limited- Translators & Interpreters Firm in Africa

Founded in 2003, InteTra (Interpretation and Translation) 800 African Languages Limited Company is one and the first of its kind and one of the world's most trusted. With office in Kenya, Intetra800 African Languages Limited provides translation and interpretation services in a wide range of specialized subject matter and related fields. We utilize advanced technologies, highly experienced, well-trained and qualified native Translators/Interpreters that collaborate in our projects on a daily basis, and the best practices and processes in both quality and speed of delivery.We have earned a reputable image in the language services market. In Addition, we translate American Languages, European Languages, Australian and Pacific Languages. We look forward to developing a long-term business relationship with you and your organization in the near future.


1. To provide and maintain innovative in whole Africa-class products.
2. To bridge translation stakeholders in whole Africa through excellent team spirit.


  1. Integrity,
  2. Innovation,
  3. Team Spirit and
  4. Profitable Growth"
  5. To maintain a long lasting positive impact on all our clients.


To continue to build the bridge of communication through translation and Interpretation in over 800 African languages for companies, governments and institutions worldwide.


    1. To be known as the #1 translation company worldwide that continues to flourish through innovation of whole Africa - class products and team spirit.
    2. Availability - Any time

Fields Specialization

  • We are specialized in the following variety of fields:
  • Agriculture -
  • Biology -
  • Business/Finance-
  • Conference-
  • Earth Science -
  • Education -
  • Engineering Environmental & Global Issues -
  • Government & Public Sector -
  • Industry -
  • Legal/Court/ Medical -
  • Non-Profit Organisations -
  • Publications & Media -
  • Renewable Energy -
  • Research & Academic -
  • Retail & Consumer -
  • Technical & Technology etc. -